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Find Craft Vinyl Supplies Here

We all know that when working with Craft Vinyl we need certain supplies.  They are all available our website.

Transfer Tape is a must have for all people that are using any type of craft vinyl.  It comes in Clear and a Paper type.  Me personally…I like the regular or Paper transfer tape.  It is a medium tack and is perfect for use with the Oracal 651 craft vinyl.  Some people that like to layer vinyls prefer the Clear Transfer Tape.  It is also available in many sizes.

Signs By Design only sales the 4 inch by 100 yards and the 6 ½ inch x 100 yards.  Transfer Tape is applied over your design after you have weeded away all the parts of the craft vinyl that you don’t want in the design, then when you lift it up your completed design is all ready to apply to your prepared clean surface without having to touch the sticky backing of the Oracal 651 Craft Vinyl.  Touching the backing will leave any residue from your finger tips and will prevent it from properly sticking to your cleaned surface.  Transfer Tape is a must!

Another must is the Seal-It-Pen.  The Seal-It-Pen is a clear adhesive that is much like crazy glue in a magic marker.  You can seal the edges on any surface that you have applied your Oracal 651 Craft Vinyl onto and it will stay permanently.  Even the best cleaned surface will not always allow the vinyl to stick the way you want it too and using a Seal-It-Pen will seal the deal.  When older projects that are exposed to normal wear and tear start to peel up around the edges you can use the Seal-It-Pen to touch up those edges and your good to go for a long time.  Also you don’t want to forget to use your Squeegee tool to get that Craft Vinyl good and adhered to your surface.  Use the Squeegee to get all the air bubbles out and make sure that the edges are pressed down so that it has that seal that you need to keep it from peeling up.  If necessary use your Seal-It-Pen to help with that too.  The Seal-It-Pen and a new roll of Transfer Tape will last a long time and a good investment with your Craft Vinyl Supplies.

I hope this was useful information for you! Please feel free to leave your comments below, and send us some of your suggestions for future blog post! Until next time…see ya later!

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