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Craft Vinyl “What’s it for?”

The Oracal 651 Craft Vinyl is absolutely the best vinyl used today for all people that do crafts, make outdoor signs, create vehicle decals not only because it has a permanent backed adhesive and waterproof it comes off when you want it too. Even when the craft vinyl is applied to well painted walls all you need is a little heat from a hair dryer to soften it up and peel it off when you want to change it up. Most people think that craft vinyl is used by only women..wrong! Men use craft vinyl too, to put lettering and decals on model cars, their own cars, take a look at the back window of a hunter’s truck. I guarantee they have something hunting related on the back window made with this same type craft vinyl.

Even Sports memorabilia and to personalize their beer mugs, craft vinyl can be used on anything. You wouldn’t believe some of the things the women put craft vinyl on. Take a look around you, if you can see it, they can put craft vinyl on it. Craft vinyl can turn a plain item into a beautiful gift for any occasion. With all the colors offered and different sizes sold by Signs By Design and compatible with all cutters regardless of size, Women and Men can do anything they want with the best Oracal 651 Craft Vinyl. Craft Vinyl is not limited to the Oracal 651. We have the MirrorLens, Sparkle, Chalk Board and Dry Erase craft vinyl. We have the Iron On HTV craft vinyl and the list don’t stop here. Want to see what you can do with our craft vinyls? The proof is in the pictures on our Facebook Group dedicated to showing off what they have done with the craft vinyl that we sell. Check us out!

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